Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again when men’s wallets get lighter, women try to guess what they are going to receive and single people…well, you got St. Patrick’s Day to look forward to. Totally kidding, even if you are single there are tons of ways to spend this day joyfully then filled with grief of remembrance that you do not have a significant other, YET. It’s better to spend Valentine’s day single than how they did in the origins of this holiday in ancient Rome, where men would draw a name of a woman out of a lottery and then would keep this women as a sex companion for the rest of the year. Maybe that doesn’t sound too bad to some of you. But either if you are single or with someone, I have some great ideas for both!

If you are awaiting a mate (Single):

  1. Go out to your local bar- Enjoy the freedom of this while you can
  2. Karaoke with your other single friends
  3. Throw a single party
  4. Treat yourself to whatever you wish-Remember guys that once you have a woman there will be more days of treating her than of treating yourself, so indulge now while you can
  5. Buy yourself flowers, chocolates or whatever, you are independent, do what you want! Don’t feel embarrassed to send yourself chocolate strawberries, send them to congratulate yourself for not being in a bad relationship.
  6. Use this day to self-reflect and ask yourself why you are single? Do you enjoy being single? What could you do to improve yourself and set goals for next Valentine’s Day.
  7. Cross something off of your bucket list!
  8. Go visit another country! Get lost in the streets of Rome or frolic the gorgeous parks in Ireland. Enjoy this time you have alone because once you settle down with a family you probably will regret not taking advantage of this sweet time in your life.
  9. The most fulfilling would be to volunteer somewhere that you can help someone in need. There is no feeling better than to extend help to another, and that feeling is much needed when you are feeling lonely.

*Just whatever you do, do not spend it alone, your mind tends to wander more when it is not occupied on something, to make you feel even better go visit your parents, especially your mom, she always has a way of making you feel better and telling you how special you are.


If you have a significant other:

For the adventurous couple:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Go see a rodeo
  5. Explore a cave
  6. Swim underneath a waterfall-Doesn’t get much sexier than that
  7. Kayaking at sunset and then a picnic on the beach
  8. Really I do not need to give this couple tips because I am envious of their lives.

For the romantic couple:

  1. Dinner over looking the beach at night
  2. Take a bubble bath together lit by candle light
  3. Day at the spa
  4. Learn how to salsa dance together
  5. Romantic scavenger hunt
  6. Skinny dip in your pool-If you have one, or just use the neighbors’
  7. Wine tasting
  8. Go the Drive-In

    For the couple that cannot find a babysitter…:

  1. Make all sorts of crafts
  2. Go fishing, paddle boating, or any activity on the lake
  3. Take crazy photos all heart themed
  4. Scavenger hunt leading to watching a family movie
  5. Hide little hearts all over the house
  6. Tell the story of where Valentine’s Day originated from…well maybe when they are a little older
  7. Make cards together for those friends who have lost their significant other, recently divorced or just has a hard time on this day
  8. Teach them the importance of love, and show them that importance by how you treat your spouse

For the “This is my first Valentine’s Day with this person, HOLY CRAP WHAT DO I DO?!? couple:

  1. Make it light and fun by doing something that will keep you both distracted so there are no expectations, just a day of fun
  2. Go on a two person bicycle bike ride
  3. Fly kites
  4. Ice skating
  5. Go see a sports game, musical or a stand up comedian
  6. Murder mystery dinner
  7. Balloon ride

If you are not sure about the person don’t lead them on with an extremely expensive dinner or expensive anything. Keep it simple, sweet and busy.

For the budget couple:

  1. Movie night at home
  2. Picnic at the top of a mountain that you climbed
  3. Visit the art museum
  4. Walk through a garden
  5. Make dinner together
  6. Pick flowers from your own garden-If you have one
  7. Volunteer together somewhere

Gift Ideas:

  1. Clean their car inside and outside
  2. Bake a dessert just for them
  3. Anything personalized
  4. Scrapbook photos together
  5. Make a slideshow of photos together
  6. Write them a hand written letter
  7. Make them a craft
  8. And obviously yourself wrapped up in a bow

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

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