Love in Hollywood

What is the most California thing to do in all of California…HOLLYWOOD!! That is where we spent our Valentine’s Day 2015, we love movies, always wanted to go and we got a 3 museum VIP pass $4 off coupon. How could we resist? We started the day there late in the morning and parking was a breeze, yup a BREEZE. There is this awesome app called ParkWhiz, where you can reserve your parking spot by paying ahead, they even put a little cone in the spot for you. How sweet. Even small parking lots do this, I definitely recommend this app and encourage you if you are ever to go to a high traffic area to use this app. It saves time-not having to go the ATM or waiting for that mom to load her five kids into the van so you can take her spot, money-you get one flat rate, and it saves you a migraine. They should pay me for this advertisement…

We started with the Wax Museum


After tripping over all of the people trying to sell tours, talking toy puppies, and tacos; we made it to the front entrance! We got tons of pictures with our favorite waxed up celebrities. Some of them were spot on to the point that I got a little star struck standing next to them and then there were others that we had to play a guessing game until both of us gave up and had to read the plaque of who it was.


Robert Downey Jr.-Spot on

DSC03339 - Copy

Kristen Stewert- WTF?! Her bland facial expression gave her away though…

Next! Ripley’s Believe it or Not!


My favorite part of this was in the entrance when they have a mirror with a sign that asks you to try to fold your tongue and gives tips on how to do it, later on you learn that the mirror is a one way mirror and you get to watch people make complete fools out of themselves while trying to do this. But the other favorite of mine of this place was the man behind the story, Ripley. He traveled to so many different countries to find the craziest things in this world, collected so many masks from different tribes, learned about their ways of life and many other extreme truths that we had no idea existed. I could only imagine the dinner stories that he had with his family…“What was the highlight of your day dad?” “Oh you know I visited a farm with yet another animal that has two heads…no big.”

Then to Guinness Books of World Records Museum!


This was our favorite museum, we even saw a live attempt to break a world record. The attempt was to make as many quarters stand on the ridged side as you can in one minute. She broke under pressure. This place was filled with everything from smashing cans with boobs to how many bicycles can a man eat…Still won’t believe until I see it...

Walking on Hollywood Boulevard

DSC03429 - Copy

We saw some very strange characters walking on the boulevard and I’m not even talking about the ones who are dressed up like characters from movies. There were people of all walks of faith handing out tracks, it was like they were in a battle with each other, you have to follow my god! No! You have to follow MY god! I kept on taking them as they were giving them to me and I felt like Will Farrell in Elf when he kept walking by the same guy handing out fliers and taking them all.


Elf would have looked normal in the scene of people that we saw, but we also saw:

Pudgey Spider-Man & Cat Woman! Really dude?? You are representing Spider-Man here, suck it in!

DSC03435 - Copy

Michael Jackson! Texting!

DSC03436 - Copy

Elsa & Olaf! She lost her gloves again…


But my favorites were the Johnny Depps, they were so in character and so awesome.

DSC03440 - Copy

We had to get something to eat so we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe which had the best atmosphere, and the food was even better. Now I can order my little face his own meals off the kids’ menu! The table next to us were so in love with my son and he kept on sending his love their way with smiles, and laughs.


Some awesome props they had in the restaurant was an official Metallica drum set; that my hubby loved seeing, being that he was raised to be a die hard Metallica fan. Every time a Metallica song comes on the radio he asks, “Who’s this babe?”


We then headed right next door to this amazing five story outside mall, the views were breathtaking, and you could see the Hollywood sign! It’s to the left of the hub’s head and a little blurry.

DSC03473 - Copy

The water feature was beautiful and with it changing colors at night.


Me and my Valentine ā¤

DSC03470 - Copy

I hope everyone had an awesome Valentine’s Day whichever the situation that you are in, feel free to share of what you did in the comments below, I would love to read it!

Photo Credits: All of them are mine šŸ˜‰

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me šŸ™‚

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