Daily Must Haves During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time but there are also a lot of not so beautiful moments. Here is my list of must haves to help get you through the day throughout your pregnancy:

1. Aloe Vera: I used this everyday after showering, to this day I have absolutely no stretch marks. I cannot say that it’s from the Aloe because I have heard that certain types of skin stretch better than others; but, this prevented my belly from getting itchy and it may have helped with preventing any marks. Hydration is the key to healthy skin. You can go the organic route and actually buy the actual plant but that was a pain in the butt, it’s a HUGE plant and it’s pointy also, and squeezing the gel from it got annoying real fast.

2. Pregnancy Pillow: it should be named heaven’s pillow, this pillow helps with supporting your body on all sides, even in the beginning of the pregnancy when you are trying to get used to sleeping solely on your left side it helps with supporting every body part. Later in the pregnancy you are just a hot mess and this pillow helps so much with getting you as comfortable as possible. My husband loved it too because he cuddled the side that I didn’t use.


3. Prenatal Vitamins: This is an obvious one and your OBGYN will be asking at every visit if you are keeping up with taking these. Any will do but I preferred this one because it has DHA in it which helps brain development in the baby. I felt like I was getting a jump start at producing the next Einstein 😉

4. Protein: It may not work for every pregnant woman but it definitely worked for me. During the first trimester I vomited about every other day, but once I started drinking protein shakes (thanks to my muscle head husband’s advice) it kept me full and the protein is harder for the body to digest. Whatever happened, I stopped vomiting about a week after having a protein shake a day.

5. Maternity pants: Stretchy or yoga pants will do but there is nothing like maternity pants, there is no waist band. The blue part that you see stretches over your big belly and stays put. With stretchy and yoga pants they still will feel snug around the waist no matter how far they can stretch. Maternity pants can be pricey though, but try getting them on the clearance rack.

6. Pregnancy app: I checked this app weekly to see how big the baby was getting. The app will compare the size of your baby to a familiar food, first it starts off as a seed and gets as big as a melon 🙂 This is definitely not a must have but it’s neat to see how big the baby is week by week.

7. Baby books: I think the best advice I can give about preparing for a baby is to educate yourself as much as possible. I loved this book and even though it is widely used and now made into a movie, it still is awesome and goes over almost every question that you have. It goes month by month in detail of EVERYTHING.

8. Tums: Some women have heartburn throughout their pregnancy but mine didn’t happen until after the 30 week mark. I didn’t even realize that I even had heartburn until after I gave birth; that nasty feeling in my chest disappeared and I realized that it was heartburn. But it wouldn’t have mattered if I knew before because I refused to take anything, even Tylenol, while I was pregnant. I was so worried about something bad happening to the baby, but he came out perfectly healthy ❤

9. Unscented EVERYTHING: You will probably stop wearing perfume, ask your significant other to not put so much deodorant on, and hold your nose to any strong scent. I bought unscented everything, body wash, deodorant, laundry detergent and lotions.

10. Mints: Especially during the first trimester, there is such a nasty taste that you get in your mouth. I went through one of these every shift at work. Also another trick that my doctor recommended and worked wonders with morning sickness is taking 25 mg of the vitamin B6 and half a Unisom tablet.

11. Flavored Water: I LOVE water, but when I was pregnant it tasted so bland, I could not drink it without some type of flavor to it. The best concoction that I did was with lemons, mint, and cucumber. The bonus part is that the lemons reduce the likelihood of your baby developing eczema.

Thanks for reading! Please comment below and tell me what were your must haves during your pregnancy? 🙂

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