St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Mint Marshmallow Oreo Brownies

DSC03633 - Copy

These brownies are so delicious! I had such an awesome time making them, and I hope you will too!


  • Brownie Mix (Whichever you prefer)
  • Mint Extract*
  • Marshmallow Fluff**
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Mint Oreo Cookies


First make the brownies according to what the box says. I bought the Ghiradelli brownie mix and I was drooling over it. Then you want to mix together one jar of fluff, two Tbsp. of mint extract and about 15 drops of green food coloring. Once the brownies are cooled spread this mixture all over the brownies in an even layer. Then crush up the cookies and again spread them over the brownies evenly. That’s it! Takes about one hour and a half to make including bake and prep time.

*Note: the mint is VERY strong in these brownies, it was overwhelming for me. If you love mint then follow this recipe exactly but if you aren’t the biggest fan reduce the amount of mint or don’t put any in at all.

**Note: The fluff was very hard to  mix and I don’t think it mixed well with the brownies, I think a better alternative would have been vanilla frosting with the food coloring in it and only a thin layer on the brownies.

Rainbow Sprite



  • Sprite
  • Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple Gatorade*
  • Ice Cube tray


Simply pour the each color of the Gatorade into two ice cube slots. Once frozen, place ice cubes in large glass and then pour sprite over the ice cubes.

*Note: Gatorade wasn’t the best choice for this, I wanted the colors to really pop out and they didn’t. Maybe adding some food coloring would have helped…

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

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