The Tattoo Itch

I want one, oh so badly do I want one. Strongly and out of no where this yearning for a piece of art to be indefinitely stitched onto my body came. I have always thought about it, especially right after high school when all of my friends turned 18 and finally could do whatever they wanted. I think most of my friends have a tattoo, I can only think of a few who do not. It is so expressive, and it almost looks like an addiction once you start. I will observe through social media someone getting a small one on their heel or on their wrist and then the following week I see a picture on Instagram of a full canvas on their entire back. They had the itch bad. That’s how I describe it because it’s so true, a little nagging mosquito in your ear. Every time I see someone with art on their body I have to ask why they chose what they did. I’m still so afraid to commit to it though. Not of the pain-I don’t think anything is worst than natural childbirth-but I have a nightmare of sneezing while the artist is working and it being ruined. Or the tattoo just not coming out the way that I wanted. I wouldn’t get one just to get one, I already have done a ton of research of exactly what I would want.


I want the first picture to be placed exactly where the second picture’s wing is on the body. I’m not sure if I would want the mirror effect or just one. I love this, I have always loved wings, from the age of 7 I flew on airplanes a lot to visit my father who lived out of state. Since then I have always loved to fly, to be free, I don’t like contracts or anything holding me down,-it’s amazing I have a blissful marriage-for me, wings are my life. I yearn to travel the world when I am able to, soon.

Some of the things that I researched before deciding on this are as follows and I think you should think of the following before you mark yourself up the first time or get your next tattoo:


At all of my jobs, tattoos were a big issue. I never had an issue obviously but many of my co-workers had to wear tattoo sleeves during work, were denied employment, or even had to have their tattoo removed to pursue a career they really wanted. My husband tried joining the military at one point and they had to measure in detail of his tattoo for it to be accepted(he has a skull on his right forearm). If his tattoo was any bigger he would have been denied entrance. When I was applying to be a police officer they had a strict no tattoo to be visible while wearing a t-shirt. Many people, I saw, had to walk out of the testing just because of their tattoos. I know you want to express yourself but you can express yourself somewhere else on your body. Upper shoulders, back, stomach, ribs, anywhere on your legs. Anywhere on your arms, and especially on your neck, you should really think about it before you commit.


I would love to just walk into a tattoo shop and get what I want but I have to pay my bills first. I would suggest that you make a tattoo savings jar rather than spending your rent money on a tattoo that you just had to have. Also about cost, you get what you pay for. If you cannot afford to pay a quality artist to do a good job on it, please wait. Would you rather settle for a horrible tattoo that will be with you for the rest of your life, rather than waiting until you can afford a good one?


I have seen hundreds of memes about people being protective about their tattoos and good for you. The truth is, though, that once you are inked you are seen in a different light. I am not saying it’s a bad light, but it is a different light. You made a decision to make a mark on your body that will last forever, it says something, something powerful. I don’t have a problem with them whatsoever, but there are people who do, and that’s their opinion, let it be. If you want to cross that line, make sure because you cannot unmark yourself.

The Artist:

Research, research, RESEARCH!! This is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, honestly this decision is more important than who you are going to marry. This will be with you F-O-R-E-V-E-R, only 50% of marriages work out but 100% of tattoos are permanent. Make sure that you like the style of who is going to be marking you up. Look at their artwork, have them make a sketch of what you want, make sure to check their spelling!!

After you have decided what you want, where you want it, if you can afford it, are okay with the image you will be holding and who is going to be doing it; call your buddy up to hold their hand, tip your artist, follow the after care directions and anyone who doesn’t “approve” of your decision, well they don’t matter anyways.

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

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