All You Can Eat

Americans on average consume 4,000 calories per day. That’s twice the recommended amount; America is on the fast track to fat. Of course it is the individual person’s decision to choose to be healthy or not; but really? Have you looked around at all the temptations that are in this country? There are over 313,000 fast food chains, 72,000 pizzerias, that’s 118 locations per 100,000 people. Super size it, fry it, grease it, bake it, slush it, you name it, all can be done within a matter of seconds. After a long day at work, who would want to cook? On the drive home your are passing by all these advertisements on billboards, the actual restaurant signs and on the exiting signs for each off ramp from the highway. I have such a hard time every time I go grocery shopping to not indulge in the snack aisles. All the meals that are healthy for you usually take time to cook. It would be much easier to buy the throw it in the microwave meals that are loaded with preservatives.

What keeps me eating healthy though is knowing how quickly your health will suffer by eating these forbidden foods. I want to be able to keep up with all of my kids with whatever they want to do. Not only to keep up with them but I wouldn’t want them to worry about my health or worst lose me because I couldn’t control my eating habits. A very close family member of mine has type one diabetes and they take horrible care of themselves, eating whatever they want and not keeping up with a healthy blood sugar level. Since they were diagnosed I have always been in fear that one day their blood sugar would spike so high and they would be induced into a coma. I do not want my kids to ever experience that with me. I want them to learn from my healthy eating habits. These are some of my tips for maintaining a healthy diet:

  • Eat before grocery shopping-Even better is to have a big meal before going, I would even say the best time is in the morning. In the morning we usually start off pretty good but as the day wears on we get tired and tend to make worst decisions. I would pick a day out of the week also that you wake up, eat a big healthy breakfast, and then off to the food market.
  • Make sure you buy enough for 7 days, or your next grocery run-I find that the number one reason why we get fast food in my family is because there is no dinner to prepare.Even if this means having a bigger grocery bill, it would be even bigger with the average fast food meal being $10 per person.
  • Take someone with you to the market to hold you accountable-there is always strength in numbers, also with going to the gym you are more likely to go if you have someone to go with you so grab a buddy!
  • Plan for the next day the night before-I always love the saying, “Victory loves preparation.” Every night make it routine to decide what to eat the next day and place it in the fridge to defrost.
  • Bring your lunch to work-You can save money and calories this way. Make sure you bring enough so you are not making a quick breakaway to the snack machines.
  • It’s okay if you mess up-Congratulations you are human! But don’t let this slip up lead you to feeling like a failure and thinking that you will never change your eating habits. There is always another day tomorrow.
  • Crock pot!-I am so in love with my crock pot, I think it is so easy to just throw a bunch of vegetables, meats, and spices in letting it cook all day and then later on walking into your feast smelling home and diving in.
  • Healthy food is not more expensive-I say this because if you were to buy 7 days of 3 meals a day vs. going out to eat a couple of times because there wasn’t enough semi-healthy food in your kitchen, you would be spending more with the second option. Fast food is fast but it also eats up your wallet fast. With 10% of our incomes going to fast food. If we were to spend that 10% on fresh produce and healthy food, we wouldn’t see the difference in our food bills.

There are tons of healthy recipes in cookbooks, YouTube tutorials, blogs, or anywhere else on the internet. This generation has so much information at their fingertips, making time for this crucial step in your life is all on you. It is intimidating at first, but anything in the world of change is scary but it does get easier! After you have learned a few recipes and which food groups you should focus on, the food market won’t be such a mysterious place.I came from a family that loved to eat out, and if we weren’t eating out our meals came from the freezer. I had to learn everything that I know by asking questions, researching and trying it out for myself. It is a process, just like I have ten stubborn pounds to lose by the time summer hits.

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

5 thoughts on “All You Can Eat

  1. I get to eat some junk food, but my parents let me drink coconut oil, it can prevent diabetes. I recommend this, since it’s healthy and you can use it as cooking oil, for your hair, or for your face. But eating healthy is what you should really do, I only eat junk food once a week.:-)

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  2. I want to comment on 8 and 4. 8..I agree completely, so many people use this as an excuse and it’s just not true in the grand scheme of things. and 4, I used to be the worst planner in the world, what helped me was writing down what’s for dinner on the calander for each day. my calander is right next to the fridge and I have been able to stretch groceries out to two weeks, we are a family of 4. great post keep up the good work

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