I went to the gym tonight…by myself…that’s always so hard to do. The last time I went to the gym by myself was over a year ago when I was training for try outs for police departments back in New Hampshire. I went to Planet Fitness so it really wasn’t that intimidating because of all their no gymtimidation logos. Since then we moved to California and have been busy rooting ourselves in here. This is a huge deal for me because I always used to go with my husband. He really is the one that got me going and showed me how to do most the workouts that I know. With all of my knowledge of what my husband showed me, knowing a good amount about fitness in general, being in a lot of sports in high school, and already being in moderate shape, you would think I had no problem going in to a gym by myself right? Nope! I got there and almost drove home I was so nervous. All day I was thinking about it-I go late at night.

As the day wore on I got more and more nervous. The main reason is because EVERYONE there is checking you out. The guys are checking each other out like, “Who’s this guy coming into my domain?” The girls are checking out other girls wondering if their guy is also checking her out or sizing herself up to her like women do all the time anyway, but ESPECIALLY at the gym; and, I think it has gotten worst in the last decade because of how a lot more girls are showing up to gyms.

Fit is in.

I wasn’t going to let that fear keep me away from doing one of the things I love, which is obviously lifting things up and putting them down 😉 So I went straight to the locker room, took a selfie, put my headphones on and cranked up the music. Then I walked out like a badass and went straight to the treadmills…no just kidding I went straight to work out my legs because they really need some lovin’.

I just find it fascinating though how scary it is to go to the gym it’s like walking to the watering hole in the jungle with all the other animals around and them staring at you as you approach the water to take a drink. As for me, I just keep my eyes to myself and focus on what I’m doing. I hate to make my workout drag on. But I can’t blame people who have never been to a gym to not want to go, it’s scary! But I do encourage you to go because you will feel amazing afterwards. What I do that helps me out a lot is to go by the pictures on the machines, they highlight exactly what area is being worked on. Look up on line of some free weight workouts to do. Even bring in print outs of what workouts to do exactly, once you get the hang of it you want need the printouts anymore and will feel quite comfortable with what you are doing.

I don’t know where this will lead to but I am hoping that one day I will be able to compete in physique competitions, but we will see. If you are interested in following my fitness journey follow me on Instagram! <<<<<

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gymtimidation

  1. brittany you will be able to compete especially if you keep putting it in writing and focus on your goal, I believe in you and I love your positive outlook and enthusiasm! whenever I walk into a gym my car pep talk is…”D you’re the only one here to work out, nobody belongs here but you so go own that gym!…everyone’s had this talk to themselves and feels the sames way the only difference is that you my friend…you actually own this” and then I walk in there like i own the place and go find a stair master in a corner…in the back…gymtimidated..:] but it’s totally worth it, you are correct lol

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  2. The gym is scary! I go to a place that is like workout club and its intimidating. I make josh go with me and if he can’t I’ll find a friend. I even go with my friend to her gym if I’m really desperate. Hopefully in a few months I will get over my fear.

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    • It is scary! It’s like walking into a lion’s den! hah You will get over your fear though, just make sure to keep going. Soon it will feel like home and it will be weird to be away 😉


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