New Body

I have always been naturally petite, thanks to my good genes. But I have never looked at my body and went wow! I’d tap that…I see pictures of other women who are in awesome shape and I have this strong urge inside to get where they are at. My body has always been very kind to me, I have never been over 135, and that was heavy for me-usually happened right after a breakup or bad week. When I was pregnant I gained a whooping 40 pounds but lost it all in only 2 months after birth. Even though I gained a lot my body still was kind to me in that it didn’t look like I gained THAT much:

This was 8 months pregnant:


This was 2 months after giving birth. Not bragging, just sharing my journey with my body:


I have always had very physical jobs that I was afraid to push myself at the gym because I didn’t want to be too sore to work. Also, I have worked the overnight shift for the past 5 years and that shift just messes everything up, it’s very unhealthy. Then when we moved to California I worked during the day for 8 months but we couldn’t afford a gym membership. Now that I am a stay at home mom and we are financially fit, there has never been a time like now to get my dream body! I got an awesome membership at 24 hour fitness. This gym is the best, you get a clean towel every time you come in-which is a huge deal considering laundry-the gym is huge, it’s very clean and so close to home.

11072768_401184590063092_7261428581642314052_n<<< Follow my journey with fitness on Instagram!

I have been going for 4 days now and let me tell yah I am so sore that it makes me angry. My toddler wants to jump all over me and it is just so painful but I let him anyways. I couldn’t turn this cute face away:


I started doing at home workouts also, to really get my body in gear, and again my little guy always wants to play. He thought it was hilarious watching me bounce around, and then when I was doing situps and pelvic thrusts he couldn’t resist but throw himself on me:

11110575_401183306729887_832193136063595057_n <<<Also on Instagram!

Most importantly I have started to eat VERY clean. No cheats or snacks at all, this is probably the hardest part. I started meal prepping on Sundays, this is so helpful. I feel that the number one reason of why we order take out is because there isn’t anything prepared, and don’t want to waste an hour cooking after a long day. I search Pinterest so often for healthy meals and try them out when I can. My fridge has never been filled with so much produce and I love it.

I also have so much more energy! I go to the gym about an hour after I put my son to sleep(around 8pm) and I don’t get back until about 11pm. After calming down, showering, etc. I don’t go to bed until midnight. Then, depending on when my son wants to wake up which is usually around 7am, I don’t get my full 8 hours. 7 hours is not bad but I am one of those people that NEEDS their sleep to function. One of the awesome things about having a toddler is that you HAVE to wake up with them, once I am awake I am good it’s just the dragging yourself out of bed part that is so difficult. I have my son as my no snooze alarm clock.

My son truly is a blessing, I have changed so many of my lifestyle habits because of him. My new fitness craze really started with him, I have been feeding him such awesome meals and I saw how different his meals were from mine. I thought instead of buying two different types of food why not the same healthy food and share? I also never want him to have to see me suffer due to my health, due to my own poor health decisions.

My goals:

  1. I would like to have a six pack, actually that’s not a like, I MUST have one. Even if it only happens at one point in my life I would like to say that I had one and with pictures to prove 😉
  2. I would love to compete in figure competitions, I don’t know if this will ever happen, but I see girls who are competing and I just know that I can do it!
  3. Be able to inspire others to change their lifestyle with how they eat and how much they exercise.
  4. I have decided this fall to go back to school to be a nutritionist, so really this new fitness craze is going to be my life for now on 🙂

I get up everyday now so excited to challenge myself more and more. I have been learning a lot with new recipes, fitness articles and observing how my body responds to what I am doing to it. I think I have finally found my career path with this. Bring on the gainz!!

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “New Body

  1. it’s funny that kids think when mom’s on the ground it’s bounce house/ jungle gym time. the second I drop to my knees, adam gets this huge smile then charges at me, now planking and sit ups happen at nap time cause…i am easily swayed to play intead of work out…they think I’m a pro wrestler ;]

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