I’d Rather Be A Man

Ask any woman and she will admit how hard it is to be a woman. In this century and in prior centuries we always had to fight for everything that we have. We used to be almost non existent, covering our faces, (some countries still practice this) only allowed to speak unless spoken to, and so many other factors that limited us being able to have freedom with being a woman. I really do feel bad for women, I believe that we got the short end of the stick BIG TIME. Take a look at some of the things that women have to endure:

  1. Vulnerability, no matter if the guy is a wimpy little mouse, he’s stronger than the average female. Making going out at night a lot scarier and flat out dangerous.
  2. It’s not only one week per month it’s like a week and half to 2 weeks of hormones going crazy and then when SHE actually gets there; it’s just misery, one week full of pain, uncomfortableness, and just one sloppy mess.
  3. We are the ones usually having to take birth control because the dude doesn’t want to wrap it up,”It doesn’t feel good,” they say…well, it doesn’t feel good either to have your hormones go crazy and every time you miss a period to freak out because you think you are pregnant and are not sure if the dude is going to stick around…
  4. Childbirth: Enough said
  5. Post Childbirth: Enough said
  6. Trying to get your sexy body back after childbirth is such a pain, your body is never the same.
  7. Makeup: Every woman needs it, even if they look good natural, they still would look better with it. Some women love doing this every morning, but I hate it, I think it’s such a waste of time.
  8. Hair: Same thing here, most guys like long luscious locks. Well those locks take a lot of work to keep clean, tangle free and looking good.
  9. Products, products, products: I have shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, a razor, face wash, vagina wash, body wash, facial moisturizer, and leave in conditioner in my shower. My husband: ONE PRODUCT!! A 3 in 1 BODY WASH-SHAMPOO-CONDITIONER. This is why it takes us so long to get ready because we have to wash each body part/limb with a different product so that our skin doesn’t dry out, smell or whatever else.
  10. How long it takes to get ready: makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, purse, this all takes so much time to co-ordinate. A dude wakes up, showers with his one product, throws on a t-shirt, pants, shoes and is good to go.
  11. We are more emotional: I hate crying, I think it is just so weak. Not all the time, I believe that there are times when we need to let it all out. But, come on, I just watched a video of a gender reveal that a couple had and I was welting up like a baby.
  12. We have to wait for EVERYTHING: Waiting for him to ask us out, waiting for him to ask us to the prom, waiting for him to ask us to marry him, waiting for him to call, waiting for him to grow a pair…I know there are some women who make the first move but typically it’s the guy to be the one to do this. Guys like to do the chasing, so if a girl was to pursue him it takes the fun out of it for them, so yet again we are stuck waiting…

I could really go on and on but those are the main ones i can think of right now. So yes if I could choose my gender before my birth I think I would have definitely chosen to be a man.

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be A Man

  1. how do you always read my mind girlfriend?! I woke up this morning thinking this very thought and all the reasons in between. do you think we are stronger by the sacrifices we make for these wimpy men? or are we the wimps by not standing our ground? um yes and their strange ability to age perfect, you hit the nail on the head. jealous?! heck yeah! some times I catch my self just staring at my hubby …in lustful confusion lol lmao the three in one is right.

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    • HAHA! Maybe we should start using their products πŸ˜‰ I definitely think now women are stronger. I feel that men aren’t being raised like they used to and yes they are getting weaker and weaker as women are gaining more and more strength. Our voice is stronger than ever, I definitely think we are standing our ground. So much has happened since we had literally no rights. We can do everything a man can do now. I think there are only a couple of jobs in the military that are men only, other than that the field is wide open for women.

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  2. I agree with some – the pressure to look amazing all the time, the responsibility of birth control… but I’ve gotta completely disagree with others! Maybe I’m one of the exceptions, but I don’t have a billion products, my morning “make up” routine is moisturiser and mascara… I don’t think we’re necessarily more emotional than men, I think we’re just more honest and open about our emotions… and the vulnerability I agree and disagree with… I think it’s absolutely revolting the amount of attacks on women there’ve been in the news lately (particularly in Australia), and I think it’s even more revolting that universities and colleges are giving women advice on how not to put themselves in positions of getting attacked and raped, but no one is telling men not to rape and attack women! That’s partly why I took up martial arts 15 years ago – my black belt makes me feel a hell of a lot less vulnerable!

    Damn, being a woman IS hard work… I’m coming back as a guy in my next life πŸ˜› haha


    • Thank you for reading! My usual morning routine is washing my face, contacts, moisturizer and just mascara but when we are going somewhere special yeah it takes me a while haha. Good for you for learning martial arts! That’s definitely on my bucket list.

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  3. Read it….True true true… There is guys that do more than just one product though. We got some trials too. I think being a man is not as hard but it has it’s problems as well. πŸ™‚


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