I haven’t been posting as much as usual lately. Ironic because I thought that with being a stay at home mom I would have a lot more time and I could really get this blog going. I have been sidetracked with so many things, and to be honest I have been feeling quite unmotivated to get up and do anything. I still am doing everything that makes me the awesome wife/mother that I am…haha 😉

But, I thought I would be doing more, I thought I would have started back up on my novel by now and had a lot more followers for this blog. It is in the works but man have I just been feeling blue. I have been looking at my schedule everyday and what I do that is different from when I was working full time. There are some things I notice in my daily routine that I finally realized what was going on. Maybe my suggestions can get you out of your funk, especially if you are another stay at home mom, currently unemployed or are just feeling unmotivated.

  1. Get ready everyday as if you were going out: Don’t sit around in your pajamas all day, make yourself pretty. I feel better about myself when I look good; I know this goes for most people. Unless you are just naturally gorgeous…I hate you haha
  2. Get some exercise. SERIOUSLY. I know you have heard it thousands of times but it is so true! You have to give to get, just like money, you have to give money to make money same thing with energy you have to give it to get it. Have you ever walked out of the gym and not felt amazing? I haven’t, maybe a little tired but how good is that after-the-gym-sleep?? Freaking awesome!
  3. With getting regular exercise you are now sleeping deeper and better, with that resulting in more energy since your body is better charged.
  4. Cancel the cable: Unless you have self-control, this will really get you to get things going. That TV is the devil, I swear, it sucks you in so deep. And with there being infinite amount of channels, such good TV series and now faster than ever movies coming out on DVD and soon then to cable/Netflix/Hulu or whatever.
  5. Go outside! Just today I went swimming with my little guy and it felt so good to be out in the sun. Complete natural energy hitting your body all around. Even if it’s to go for a short walk, nature just really makes life better.
  6. Make goals for yourself, write them down, and cross them off. BUT! Make sure to keep the crossed off ones so you can look back and see all that you have done! If you have a problem with procrastination, make sure you do the hardest task first, that way you aren’t spending the whole day thinking about it.
  7. Go back to school: There are so many scholarships, grants, assistance, etc. to help you get your degree. Especially for stay at home moms there are a ton of degrees to be had that are available online. The more education that you have the more jobs that are available to you, so you can still give your little ones the best care alongside of making some extra income.
  8. Start fresh everyday: If you didn’t reach your goals yesterday don’t beat yourself up, make today a better day. Get back up on that path and go for the gold again whether it be to lose weight, earn that degree, get that job, run that marathon, write that book… 😉
  9. Check what you are eating also, I start every morning with a berry smoothie bursting with natural energy. This really helps me to jump start my day. Nasty processed foods really make you feel sluggish. I remember eating a piece of pizza in between softball games and I wouldn’t perform my best during that second game I felt so fatigued.
  10. Get a hobby: As humans we love to create, whether it be to create a relationship, a baby, a piece of art, or whatever it may be. This will give you help to channel that creativity, gives you an outlet. Get all of that built up stress out of you with creating something. This blog definitely did that for me, it’s where I go to to let everything out. When I feel a lot of tension I write, that’s my go to.
  11. Kind of like #1 you should make yourself feel pretty by giving yourself a nice long bath, buy some new bed sheets, get a facial, or whatever that makes yourself feel good.
  12. Take a shower every night/day. It might sound funny to some people but moms know this. It’s hard to squeeze in that shower everyday when you have to keep eyes on a toddler. At the end of the day all we want to do is sink in to that nice bed, but don’t! Make sure to scrub off everything from that day. Your skin will thank you and you will feel refreshed for the next day.

I’m writing this mainly because I was stuck in a funk for the last week. I had no idea what was wrong with me until I checked myself and realized that I wasn’t giving enough energy and I would slump in front of the TV. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and I miss it terribly. But just like I always say, whatever, tomorrow you can hit it hard, forget about today and get going tomorrow.

What are some things that you do to get yourself motivated and to get out of a funk?


6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. shop. up. I will buy something that requires assembly or thought process on placement. A shower usual makes me feel refreshed and brand new especially a bath and body works scented one. most days though. I just have to be in it to win it. take one for the team. as a stay at home mom you don’t have to show up as yourself if you don’t want to so sometimes my kids get the Jamaican mon chef,the Brittish cabi, the Zumba dancing house maide. showing up has really turned into putting on a show. my daughter loves the request of me being a bear…really so they can climb on me. there will be days, lots of them and they will come without warning and hit when you least expect it and…it’s okay :] sometimes a lazy day is just a lazy day…or two and it’s okay. make you a cup of tea or coffee and and figure in your next shopping spree, shower or show. I have learned over the past couple months that there’s so much truth to a body in motion dating in motion so I often show up as the Zumba queen and…boy is there energy for the rest of the week :]

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