Rest of 2015 Bucketlist

I know that we are supposed to have these back in January for the whole year but I have quite a list going on for the remainder of the year and wanted to share. These are goals so probably not all will happen but I am going to try my hardest to make it all happen. I’m going to go into early of next year also and heck maybe a little bit more into 2016 as well. I remember when I was in grammar school how I used to plan by the week with school, sports, clubs, etc. Then in high school you plan a little bit more in advance by the month especially Junior and Senior year. That’s when prom, college applications and a lot of deadlines happen for what you are going to do once you graduate. In college I still planned month by month but now I plan by the years. I have everything mapped out for the next five years. I was always baffled when employers would ask me that question: What are your five year plans? “I am thinking pizza? Yeah pizza every Friday night and um maybe pay my bills on time…that’s all I got.” With maturity and especially with starting a family, crap, does time go by fast. I think it’s because we now measure how old we are by how old our kids are. I am glad that I will be 40 when my first child graduates high school; but, now I am panicking about when the second one is going to be here, because I don’t want that much time between them and I don’t want to be an old mom and especially an old grandma. Enough with my rant here are my goals for this year:

  • Return to school this fall to finish up Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice: I found an online BA program at a local university. I am in the application process right now and really hope that I am accepted so I can finally cross this off my life bucket list.
  • Become a surrogate: This is already in the works, by this August the embryo transfer will be happening, I am praying that it catches on the first time, wouldn’t want to go another round of the self-injections. :-/
  • Go to Disneyland: I cannot wait to do this with my little family, it will be my husband and son’s first time there. I am already mapping out the best rides, shows and everything to go to. I can finally use my Disney dream dollars that I have been saving up for the last couple of years.
  • Have 3,000 views per month on my blog: Everyone who is reading thus far I love you and I thank you for your support!

Going into early next year:

  • Visiting New England in January: I don’t think that we are going to make it this October like we originally planned so we are shooting for January to finally visit our friends and family, haven’t seen them since last summer. We plan on throwing a big second birthday party for my son while we are there. 🙂

Around the end of next year:

  • If the embryo transfer is successful in August I will be due May of next year. With that we had the idea of trying for baby #2 at the end of next year to give me at least 6 months of healing.

I have some other things in the background but these are the main ones that require the most time and attention. Praying that I can get it all done! Hope you are having a blessed day, thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Rest of 2015 Bucketlist

  1. did I ever tell you we might possapotentially (made this word up last week, it will stay in my vocabulary possapotentially for evvvvaaa, even added it to my phones dictionary) anywho, sister from another mister is what I was going to say. so I have always been interested in criminal justice but..not the real kind the t.v show kind, and because real life me knows TV is not real…I’ve just never pursued it (maybe forensic accounting when babyENCORE is a toddler), but I’m so rooting for you and super proud that you will finish makes me feel like….I’m doing it even though your doing it…is that crazy?! lmao anyway Disneyland is on our to do list if not this year then next year, I am dieing to take toddlerENCORE causee she’s at that age. my family is a bunch of Disney world addicts so of course I’m prepping the kids to join us and disneyland is the perfect place to start and well…hey, maybe we’ll see you there lol thanks for sharing your life and I know you will accomplish everything that you have set out to. crossing my fingers you don’t have to go through self injections again.

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    • Thank you for the encouragement! I just found out this week that I was accepted into the program I was trying to get into! So excited because it’s an online program, complete with convenience and saving money with gas and time. I LOVE everything Disney and cannot wait to go with the hubby (who has never been either) and my toddler. It’s going to be such a wonderful day, I hope you had an awesome mother’s day too 🙂


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