What We REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

Of course we would love the typical, flowers, chocolates, jewelry(especially this year I would love to receive something that symbolizes I’m a mother 😉 ) BUT, what we really want is:

  • A massage: Either paid and done by a professional or from the touch of the person that we love.
  • A house cleaner: It would be so nice to have the whole house completely cleaned by someone else for once. That way we can really enjoy our day instead of rushing back from brunch to sanitize, wipe, and mop.
  • Fit bit: This has been all the craze lately, I already have two from my last place of employment. They’re pretty awesome, they keep track of how many steps you take and uploads it to your personal account and you get points! Also there is an app where you can compete with your friends of how many steps each of you are taking. It’s a lot of fun!
  • A nap: How awesome it would be to sleep for however long we want to on a Sunday afternoon. No, not with the kids or the dog, completely alone, uninterrupted sleep, even if it’s until dinner. 😉
  • Honey To Do List completed: You know where it is, we would more than anything like everything done on it, that would be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift to us.
  • Something made from the kids: Even if it is a sloppy mess, knowing that our little loves made it for us means the world to us and we will keep it forever. Get crafty! Check out some of these ideas:
  • To go to church as a family and get all dressed up: I know this doesn’t apply to Mother’s who don’t go to church but the ones who do, we want so badly for the wholeThank you for reading! What are you planning on doing for Mother’s Day??


3 thoughts on “What We REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

  1. after my third mother’s day I told my husband every mothersday from here on out I’m taking a 3 day vacation all inclusive resort by myself or with a like minded mom cause the same gift year after year…it’s called morhers day not family day…I know that sounds selfish but..I’d be liein to myself if I didnt say something, then they’d always wonder why she’s soooo depressed on mothers day, I dunno maybe cause I want to be left alone…at a spa 😀 thanks for letting me vent lol great post! sorry I’m late!


    • I have been way behind too on catching up with reading my fellow bloggers post. I totally get what you are saying about having the day or weekend all to yourself, I actually like that idea a lot haha


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