Back to the Cross

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been doing a lot of I guess what people call, “soul searching.” Even though I know exactly where my soul is and where it’s going to after this life-HEAVEN. It’s the easiest way I can explain what has been going on with me as of late.

I started this blog wanting to have a lot of people to click and read what I post. I thought a lot about what would bring in readers and what would turn them away. I wanted to make this blog attractive with creative posts, easy reads, advice and stories about my life that people would enjoy. I didn’t want anyone to feel offended about what I posted but when you have human readers you are going to offend someone, it’s just like the law of gravity. In thinking of this, to not offend people, I didn’t want to come off as another Christian mother writing about her love for the LORD. I thought that in writing blog posts about Christ it would turn people off, but honestly it is the most attractive thing about me. Without Him there is nothing to write about, He is everything to me, and for now on I am not going to be hiding Him from my writing.

That is why I am changing the course of this blog to go back on track of where my life should have always been. I have been going to church for the last two months and I can’t help but cry during every service, especially during worship when I get to sing again to him. I used to be on the worship team and I loved it, I appreciate it even more because I understand worship now on a deeper level. Before I thought the music was supposed to sound good to bring the people in, but it’s not for us! It’s for Him! To tell the one who created us how much we love and appreciate Him through a creative way with song.

I got so distracted with all of what life can offer:goals, family, education, career, friends, fun and whatever else that draws you slowly away from Him. One Sunday can change your life when you accidentally sleep in and the following Sunday do it again because of how good it felt to get some extra sleep rather than sacrifice that sleep to go and thank the LORD for all that He has done in His house. Very easy to get off course, but He keeps drawing you back in, whispering in your ear to come back to Him. He has been doing the very same for the last five years in my life. I still remained faithful in all that I believed but my actions were just so wrong.

For now on I will still be posting as usual but I will be adding in some messages that I write about what I discover in my time with God; and words that I know that He will want to share with my audience through me. I hope you will continue to read and will get something even more out of my message posts than my recipe, opinion or whatever else that comes into my head type of posts. Have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Cross

  1. this is so beautiful and so raw. always stay true to yourself and you will do fine. and you are such a talented writer anyways you could write about…why men fart so much and I would look forward to the read lol. tomorrow I am posting a piece about church for massage Monday (mental massage) the truth is brittney, when you feel compelled you feel compelled and your love for God should deffinately be shared and witnessed because you have an opportunity here to reach ..well the whole world and you never know who might need to read what you write. who says you even need a topic? I follow a guy right now that doesn’t have a focus (literally writes about technology, music,food,and …well whatever her wants) it’s his blog. I wish you the best on your blogging journey and as alway, will be right around the cornner, excited to read what you wrote. :] you rock! love you lots!

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    • Thank you so much, that was the most encouraging comment I could read. I will definitely be reading your post about church. It definitely is a journey with Christ and I am so glad to be close to Him again, I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and your viewership 🙂


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