Always Be Kind

I find it’s the most difficult task to be kind to anyone in every situation. I grew up in a very angry household, I believe that naturally people are a product of where they grow up but they have the power to change themselves through prayer. Lately, that has been my prayer, for the Lord to fix my attitude. I find that when we prayer dangerous prayers like that we are inviting Him to mold, scrape away, chisel and to rectify us. It is not an easy process, it hurts in every way, physically, mentally and spiritually. Mentally because you feel like you keep failing when you lash out against something that you see unfit in a way that He wouldn’t approve of.

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” [Hebrews 4:16]
Lately I have been in great time of need! This scripture is a great reminder that we may fail many times but His grace is right there to pick us back up. We must forgive ourselves for our attitudes or falling short of the target, and then try again. The process of molding us hurts physically because when we get so down ourselves about failing it gets into our minds and the mind controls the body; when we feel like failures it can lead to depression, being tired, loss of appetite and so on. That’s why it’s so important to read His Word like He tells us to, to remind us that He is always ready to forgive us and to help us on our way to being more like Him.
Spiritually it affects us because doubt and other feelings of frustration are natural during this process, but it’s up to us of what we do with those feelings. We can either act upon them and let doubt suffocate our faith of believing that God is going to help us through these trials or we can give up and give in to our fleshly temptations and act however it is that is natural to us. It took me a while to grasp that our natural response is not always right. I now believe most times our natural response is truthfully wrong. We were born sinners, our parents/guardians try to teach us the right way from birth. A baby/toddler naturally will get into things they are not supposed to, it’s our job as parents or other authority role to teach them what is safe and what is right. I hear often people say well that’s just the way that I am, it is just the way that you are but that still doesn’t make it correct.
While going through this process I have noticed that I have come across the most difficult people to deal with. I know that this is on purpose because God wants me to grow with Him and the only way to grow is to go through trials to see how I will do in every circumstance. Another good reminder is that whomever you come across could be going through a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a lay-off, a medical crisis, or maybe they are just having an off day. Their day, their perspective of life, their battle could change in a drastic way or small way on how you treat them. Your attitude could turn someone’s sunny day into a day hovering with clouds.
When you come across people that aren’t too pleasant try to have grace for them and think of a time when you were having a rough day. What would have helped you on that day? Someone to snap back at you and make you even more upset or to hear a kind word to turn your day around. Remember that we are all going through different trials of our own in our walk with the Lord and it’s not easy. Also remember that if ever it gets too rough that you can always pray that you may not enter into temptation. [Luke 22:40].

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