Love Wins

It has been a very colorful weekend here in the United States. There is no point in even explaining what happened because I am sure the world is well aware, it has been all over the media, it made its mark in history and more so the ruling has been going every which way on social media besides what the hash tag is stating. The hashtag for the Supreme Court ruling is #lovewins but honestly I have seen anything and everything but love this past weekend. A lot of hateful speech has been voiced and mainly it has been the Bible Vs. Homosexuals. I wanted to state a couple of key points of why this debate has no meaning and why it is better to not respond to such comments, postings, profile pictures being changed and such.

  • It’s a losing debate: meaning that no side is gaining anything by arguing. Each side is only throwing out hate upon hate. When has a picket sign in someone’s face ever inspired them to turn to God? Or calling the Bible a lie by which someone believes and follows to make them tolerable to what you think is right? If you are the representation of what you are stating you believe in or follow would it not look better if it was covered with love? I know myself that I was immediately turned off by both sides when I read the comments under a picture, post or link.
  • It’s impossible to convince someone they are sinning if they don’t believe there are sins: I saw faith based arguments about how homosexuals are sinning and are going to hell. And on the flip side arguments saying that the Bible doesn’t say anything about the topic, or that the Bible is false. Trying to convict someone on their sins isn’t the best way to get someone to believe what you believe, and since they don’t have the same beliefs, preaching to yourself is what you will be doing. On the flip side, what I can’t understand is if a homosexual doesn’t believe in the Bible then why be so angry? Why care what religious people think about you? You won! Same sex marriage is now legal, which is what you have been fighting for for decades, why care about intolerance, is it not better to be out there celebrating instead of arguing with people whose opinions are not going to change?
  • Sinning in secret: I was also wondering over the weekend why people are viewing this action to be worse than all the other actions that the Bible speaks against. I came to the conclusion that this action is very publicized. You can easily judge when two women or two men hold hands or kiss, etc in public; but, what is more difficult to judge and where I think most sins are, are the ones in secret. The sins of your mind, when you are married and you are lusting over the person that just walked by, sneaking out and cheating on your spouse in a private motel, watching pornography in the privacy of your home(if you consider that a sin, different topic for a different day), getting drunk every weekend in front of your kids and so on. I cannot think of another sin that is as open as homosexuality and I think that’s why it is so easy to shame it and make it look like it’s worst than the rest.
  • Speaking out of anger: Arguing out of anger has very dangerous grounds. Two opposing sides are defending what they very strongly believe in. Homosexuals want the same rights that heterosexuals have and having fought for it for so long a deep passion has been created because of it. Some have fought most of their lives for this, so when a comment about them going to hell and that they are a sinner comes in their path it must be hard to not respond or to respond in a positive way. Of course on the other side there are people who have devoted their lives to their religion and when a hateful comment about their God comes across their path it also is very difficult to not respond or to respond in a positive way. Both sides are passionate about what they are standing for. Just like when you are in a heated argument with your significant other, sometimes words can slip out that hold no meaning.

Just like racism, egoism, legalism, and any other ism, homophobia is going to be around for a good while. I think it’s best for both sides to cool off. For me I am going to let my light shine and I hope that it has shown through this posting. I am going to continue loving my Savior and following wherever He leads me. He doesn’t need me to call people out on their sins, I have enough sins to get out of my own life than to focus on another person’s life. As for the hashtag relating to my life and my beliefs, yes, love wins, love has won, love has paid the price on the cross for my life and for your life no matter where you are in life.

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