Embryo Transfer

I’m writing this as I am sitting in bed at the hotel I will be staying at for the next 3 days. I have to be on bed rest for the next 72 hours. I’m already going stir crazy as I see my toddler running around, I just want to play with him! And then I look outside and I see this gorgeousness:

Let’s rewind though and back up to what led up to this day all of the preparing both mentally and physically. This post is to share my experience on my surrogacy journey but also to educate the women who are thinking about doing miracle making themselves. I’m only going to write in this post about the embryo transfer and a little bit before this day but I’m going to post another one in detail of all that it takes to become a surrogate, what is expected of you and what you can expect yourself from the process.

The injections started 5 weeks prior to the transfer day. When I picked up the huge bag from the pharmacy I was VERY intimidated. The office did well though with not overwhelming me with info and telling me what to do week by week. What you see here is a box of Lupron, which are stomach injections, I hardly felt those, and those were daily for about 2.5 weeks. Then there is the prenatal, baby aspirin that you take daily. Then two weeks prior to the transfer I was started on the inter muscular injections every Monday and Thursday. Once the eggs were retrieved from the donor I started the daily injections, so every Monday and Thursday I have to take two butt shots(that’s what I call them). They don’t hurt too bad if the person knows what they are doing, I have my husband do them and he could have a promising career being a phlebotomist. Also the week leading up to the transfer I had to take three other tablets. It’s a lot to take in but the office gave me typed out instructions of exactly what to take and when. Two days prior to the transfer I had my blood withdrawn to check my hormone levels to make sure they were just right, which thank fully they were!

injectionsI received a phone call two days prior to the transfer to tell me exactly what time it was going to be at. Also they asked for me to wear comfortable clothing, no perfume or strong smelling lotions, eat a light meal prior to the transfer, wear slip on shoes, and make sure to bring a support person to drive me to the hotel or home.

My transfer was scheduled at 10am and the IVF office asked for me to arrive a half hour before to prep me for the transfer. With the doctor insisting on us taking a hotel room for the 3 day bed rest, we packed up our SUV:


The funny thing about this is that MOST of it is my son’s stuff, my husband has one small bag, I have that big suitcase and the rest is our little man’s toys, diapers, stroller, snacks, you name it. He is quite the spoiled little boy, he has no idea. We wanted to make this stay as easy as possible for all of us so bringing everything wasn’t an option. I felt like we were moving out of our home honestly. My prep time was at 9:30am and they asked that I start drinking half a water bottle at 9:15am because they want your bladder to be a little full but not feel like you have to use the restroom.

On our way out of the parking garage heading to the office, since it was Sunday the hospital was deserted:


Going up the elevator, my nerves were really starting to kick in now:



I went to the bathroom so my bladder wouldn’t be too full, this was definitely courtesy to the transfer doctor 🙂 and I had to take one last bathroom selfie:

281After signing in I was called back to the prep room while my husband and toddler waited in the waiting area for me. They had me put on a hospital gown, undress from the waist down, gave me new socks to wear, a cap for my hair and draped me with heated blankets because I was shaking from being cold and from my built up nerves. Then they had me sign consent forms, went over my do’s and dont’s after the procedure which are pretty standard: take it easy, bed rest for 72 hours, no immersion into water that can raise my body temperature and other precautions that are routine for a normal pregnancy. Then the doctor came in to greet me and let me know that they are transferring one embryo. They then gave me a Valium to calm my uterus down and myself down. They then let me relax alone for about 10 minutes to really let the Valium settle in and settle in it did 🙂


After that they walked me into the OR room, was laying all the way down with my feet in stir ups, it was just like a pap smear, and it felt just like a pap smear. The transfer took not even five minutes. After the doctor was done he asked to pray over me and with tears in my eyes I excitingly said yes! He said the most beautiful prayer and recited a verse from the Bible, as he left tears were heavy in my eyes. He then gave me a picture of the embryo, at this stage the baby is one week old.

And this is me after the procedure was done, relaxing for the protocol of 30 minutes, during this time I was updating social media of how I was doing and how the procedure went: (Of course! What else is there to do?!)


After the 30 minutes the nurse came in and helped me back to the prep room where I got to get dressed and let me go to the bathroom, this is the view from the bathroom! Such a nice baseball field and this is the office hallway, I loved the lighting and over all atmosphere of the office, very warm and inviting and the staff is amazing.

294 293

My nurse then wheeled me out to the front where my husband was waiting with the SUV and that was it! I have a blood test to test my hormone levels this Wednesday and then the hcg blood test is next Thursday to see if the embryo stuck. Then 4 weeks from today is the first fetal heartbeat ultrasound.

We then drove to the hotel and it was really unfortunate because we had to wait in the lobby for 3 hours waiting for a room to become available, being that it was Sunday no one from the agency was picking up their phone, though even if they did there wasn’t really anything they could do. So we waited in the beautiful lobby and ordered take out:

296 297  299

We were able to get the room an hour before usual check in time and the wait was worth it because we got a beautiful hotel room:

301 303 304

And now I am vegging out for the next 3 days while my hubby and best friend take care of my little guy and I watch Netflix 🙂 Already this sitting around is driving me crazy, trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Prayers for this embryo to stick are much appreciated!

314 305310

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