Road to Zenith is my life currently, what I have learned, want to learn, and a journey that I am inviting you to come aboard with me. Zenith means the highest point, and I am on that road to obtain the highest point in my life. It may take weeks, months and most likely years from this point to admit that I have achieved my zenith in my life. One might say that when they graduated that was their zenith or when they were married, had their first child and so on. I have had many of these highs in life all of which I treasure but I have yet to reach that one point in life that if I were to die the next day I would not have any regrets at all. But today, there are so many roads that I need to travel before I can reach my zenith in life.

About the author:

This is me-Brittney


I have been married for 3 years to this wonderful man-The Hubs


I have a one year old beautiful little boy


And our cat that we have had for 4 years now

moose 12

I live in Southern California, my husband is goingΒ to school and works to support the family while I stay home with our little guy. This fall I will be going back to school to finish my Bachelor’s. Also, I am in the beginning stages of becoming a surrogate mother. I grew up in Michigan, when I was 16 my mom and step-dad were divorced; my mom decided to take me with her back to where she grew up, which was California. I moved to New Hampshire when I was 19 and met my now husband, received an Associate’s Degree and established myself in the work field. Years later I received the most wonderful news that I was pregnant with a baby boy.

DSC01924 - Copy

After driving my infant home from the hospital in a blizzard we decided that we were done with the snow and relocated yet again back to California. Throughout my life I have always loved to write and I received positive feedback on whatever it was that had words involved. I started writing my own novel, but after a long day at work and chasing my toddler around, there is little time to dedicate to tackle a project like that, for now. Blogging is less time consuming for me, though it feels lately that it has consumed all of my life because I cannot stop thinking about it. I hope to be influential, I hope to make you laugh and I hope to help you in some way through my wonderful words of wisdom, or as much wisdom I can give at this age.

You probably Didn’t know:

  • I used to be a promotional model
  • I have lived in 5 different states
  • I have driven all the way across America
  • I love video games; if I didn’t have a care in the world my life would be all about them
  • I named my first born son after a TV animation show-Not admitting which one
  • I love Marvel and everything to do with superheroes


  • Sushi, Target-even though I used to work there, lifting, wine-moscato, Socrates, learning, writing, reading, traveling, exploring, roller coaster rides, airplanes, affordable fashion and humbleness.

Not So Much Love:

  • Horror movies, animal hair, sharing tooth paste, gum, egoism, and shoes on the carpet.


15 thoughts on “About

      • Sorry for the late reply >.< I just saw that you replied (I'm still a bit WP-challenged).
        Haha, I guess I just revealed myself as an anime-nerd…
        I've started blogging last summer, but it's only recently that I've started to become more engaged in the community after finally realizing that whenever I publish a post, it shows up on the public WP reader for others to see too @.@
        Hope you're having a good time blogging so far~!


      • It’s okay I’m getting used to it on here too πŸ˜‰ Nothing wrong with being an anime-nerd! I must be the nerdiest with my son’s name haha Yes, definitely keep blogging to get your name out there and tags also help out a lot!


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