Easter Egg Centerpiece

***Scroll down to the bottom for the video on how to do this!***

I had this pin on Pinterest that has been re-pinned over 100 times, it was my most looked at pin. The craft looked easy enough to do, and I noticed that when I clicked on it for more of an explanation the blog post didn’t have the best instructions. So let’s see if I can do better!

You will need:

  • Easter basket
  • Medium Styrofoam ball
  • 2 bags of Easter Grass
  • Skewers
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Hammer
  • Skinny screwdriver


To get the skewer through the egg, you will need a skinny screw driver and hammer (I don’t have a hammer, so I had to use my flashlight haha).


Now place the screwdriver in the middle of the bottom part of the egg(there should be a tiny circle) and take your hammer and with one medium hit it should pop through.

Next take the sharp end of your skewer and push it through the hole that you made.


Next take the top part of the egg and attach it to the bottom. Now push the skewer all the way in so it’s touching the top part of the egg(this straightens it out).


(I skipped a step here don’t pay attention to the skewers already in the ball) Place the Styrofoam ball in the middle of the eater basket and fill grass all around it to secure it in its’ place. It should take about one bag to do this.


Next stick all of your egg skewers into the Styrofoam ball, try to make them all different sizes so it fills up nicely.


Take your other bag of grass and fill it in in between the skewers.


I then tied a bow around it to make it look even cuter but that’s it! Now you have a cute centerpiece for Easter! All of the supplies costs me under $15! Happy Easter!