Super Mario Felt Christmas Tree

I have been working on this for over a month now. I am so excited to share the end result! I got the idea of a felt tree from Pinterest but came up with the theme of Super Mario ornaments and how to make them on my own. Since we don’t have much room in our apartment we couldn’t get a Christmas tree, so I turned it into something fun for my toddler to play with. Here is the end result:


Here’s what you need: (1 yard of dark green felt for the tree $5.99, and then one small square each of the following colors: yellow, brown, orange, red, white, tan and green 4 for $1.00. Felt glue $5.99, permanent marker $0.99, fabric scissors $2.99 and printouts of whichever character you choose).


First I drew an outline of a Christmas tree on the yard of green felt, and then my husband (whose the better artist) drew over my Christmas tree:


Then cut it out and place on the wall (I mounted mine to the wall with a staple gun).


Next print out the characters that you want and cut those out and then place the cutouts on the color of felt that is dominant in the character:


Trace the characters and cut them out: (For the precise lines do your best to draw them on with a permanent marker).


For the smaller felt parts cut out the traceable part from the character you printed out like this: (Then trace on the right color of felt and glue on to the previous felt part that was cut out)


I referred to online pictures from my phone to make sure that I got the right colors and the right parts where they were supposed to go:


Let the glue dry for about an hour and then let your lovable ones play!

Just be careful to monitor them, my little guy already ripped the question mark block apart…Have fun!!



What We REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

Of course we would love the typical, flowers, chocolates, jewelry(especially this year I would love to receive something that symbolizes I’m a mother 😉 ) BUT, what we really want is:

  • A massage: Either paid and done by a professional or from the touch of the person that we love.
  • A house cleaner: It would be so nice to have the whole house completely cleaned by someone else for once. That way we can really enjoy our day instead of rushing back from brunch to sanitize, wipe, and mop.
  • Fit bit: This has been all the craze lately, I already have two from my last place of employment. They’re pretty awesome, they keep track of how many steps you take and uploads it to your personal account and you get points! Also there is an app where you can compete with your friends of how many steps each of you are taking. It’s a lot of fun!
  • A nap: How awesome it would be to sleep for however long we want to on a Sunday afternoon. No, not with the kids or the dog, completely alone, uninterrupted sleep, even if it’s until dinner. 😉
  • Honey To Do List completed: You know where it is, we would more than anything like everything done on it, that would be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift to us.
  • Something made from the kids: Even if it is a sloppy mess, knowing that our little loves made it for us means the world to us and we will keep it forever. Get crafty! Check out some of these ideas:
  • To go to church as a family and get all dressed up: I know this doesn’t apply to Mother’s who don’t go to church but the ones who do, we want so badly for the wholeThank you for reading! What are you planning on doing for Mother’s Day??


Rest of 2015 Bucketlist

I know that we are supposed to have these back in January for the whole year but I have quite a list going on for the remainder of the year and wanted to share. These are goals so probably not all will happen but I am going to try my hardest to make it all happen. I’m going to go into early of next year also and heck maybe a little bit more into 2016 as well. I remember when I was in grammar school how I used to plan by the week with school, sports, clubs, etc. Then in high school you plan a little bit more in advance by the month especially Junior and Senior year. That’s when prom, college applications and a lot of deadlines happen for what you are going to do once you graduate. In college I still planned month by month but now I plan by the years. I have everything mapped out for the next five years. I was always baffled when employers would ask me that question: What are your five year plans? “I am thinking pizza? Yeah pizza every Friday night and um maybe pay my bills on time…that’s all I got.” With maturity and especially with starting a family, crap, does time go by fast. I think it’s because we now measure how old we are by how old our kids are. I am glad that I will be 40 when my first child graduates high school; but, now I am panicking about when the second one is going to be here, because I don’t want that much time between them and I don’t want to be an old mom and especially an old grandma. Enough with my rant here are my goals for this year:

  • Return to school this fall to finish up Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice: I found an online BA program at a local university. I am in the application process right now and really hope that I am accepted so I can finally cross this off my life bucket list.
  • Become a surrogate: This is already in the works, by this August the embryo transfer will be happening, I am praying that it catches on the first time, wouldn’t want to go another round of the self-injections. :-/
  • Go to Disneyland: I cannot wait to do this with my little family, it will be my husband and son’s first time there. I am already mapping out the best rides, shows and everything to go to. I can finally use my Disney dream dollars that I have been saving up for the last couple of years.
  • Have 3,000 views per month on my blog: Everyone who is reading thus far I love you and I thank you for your support!

Going into early next year:

  • Visiting New England in January: I don’t think that we are going to make it this October like we originally planned so we are shooting for January to finally visit our friends and family, haven’t seen them since last summer. We plan on throwing a big second birthday party for my son while we are there. 🙂

Around the end of next year:

  • If the embryo transfer is successful in August I will be due May of next year. With that we had the idea of trying for baby #2 at the end of next year to give me at least 6 months of healing.

I have some other things in the background but these are the main ones that require the most time and attention. Praying that I can get it all done! Hope you are having a blessed day, thank you for reading!

Mid 20s Crisis

I feel so old. I am only 24 and I feel like I should be planning my funeral. This country makes you feel so old so fast. I think it’s because people keep accomplishing things younger and younger. The ideal timeline is to:

  • Graduate high school at 18
  • Graduate college at 22
  • Find a lifelong job by 24
  • Be married by 25
  • Have the first baby by 26
  • Buy your first house by 28
  • And so on…

Age is the number one measurement that people use towards success. I am guilty of this with my 14 month old son. He was early with everything, so I thought that he is better than most babies (well he is but that’s another post 😉 ). He started crawling by 5 months and started walking by 8 months, which is crazy early for babies to acquire these skills. As much as I would like to believe that this means his whole life is going to be successful, it doesn’t. It definitely is a good start to his legacy but there are so many turns that he may take.

I always wanted to be a professional singer, and I feel like my time has passed for that to happen. Though seeing winners of these past singing competitions of people in their 40s does give me hope, the reality of it is that most singers usually are discovered at such a young age. I get so discouraged when I see talent agencies putting an age limit on who they are looking for. Ages 12-18 only to apply, well who is to say that a 19 year old doesn’t have what they are looking for?

I love hearing stories of people over 50 going back for their degree or even graduating high school! It is so inspiring, I wish that we wouldn’t put such importance on our age, and instead focus on the good that we have done with whatever time that has been placed in front of us no matter how old. It’s very hard to not fall into that trap too, at every turn I feel like there are questions about how much we have accomplished with the time that we have had. Especially at family and high school reunions. That’s what high school reunions are for now, is to see how your other classmates are doing and what they have done with the past 10 years of their life and who was the most successful.(Have you ever seen Romy and Michele’s high school reunion? They faked their success to gain approval of their peers that they haven’t seen for 10 years.) But who is to determine the success? Sure Timothy Whoever is CEO of a billion dollar company but still cannot get the approval of his parents. Or Susan whoever was married right out of high school, has 4 kids but dreams of traveling alone.

I say to each their own journey. Put one foot in front of the other and forget the horizon, let it give you hope of a beautiful future but focus on today. And forget all those haters who are saying that you should have done more with your time. They aren’t satisfied either with what they have done if they are judging you; because, a happy-content person does not judge, they love.

I have to remind myself of my youth often, there is much that I hope to acquire in this short life. I get discouraged that I have wasted time, but as long as I am on this road to zenith (see what I did there?) there is no wasted time but time gained of getting to where I need to be. I wish to have 3-4 kids and I would like to have them all by the age of 30, but I have accepted that this probably won’t happen. My husband and I have a lot of schooling to get done first. I would rather secure the future for the son I have now then to risk it by having more kids too soon. I also want a house so badly, we are living in our 4th apartment and many of our friends and family are settling down into permanent residencies. Yet again, I have to remind myself that that is their path and I am on my own path. What would it matter to own a house before you are 30 or after 30? I believe that as long as you are closing in on your goals, that it doesn’t matter when you reach them, just that you do reach them.

I hope that you are encouraged through this post and will stop comparing yourself to others around you that have something that you do not have yet, your time will come. Prepare yourself in the meantime, become the best person that you can be. So when your time comes you will be completely ready without a doubt, enjoy your weekend 🙂

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂


Surviving the First Date

One of the things that I love about marriage is that you don’t have to deal with the pressure of dating anymore. I remember being so frustrated while dating trying to figure out if this guy was just as into me as I was into him. A first date is a very serious event, it could be the first time since a person’s divorce, the first time since their significant other passed away, the first time since one got out of an abusive relationship, or the first date that someone has ever gone on period. Entering into this commitment of going out on a date with this person, keep all these things in the back of your mind, you don’t know what this person is going through, so be kind, courteous and respectful the whole time.

Pick somewhere that it’s easy to have conversation~A concert, movie, anywhere that there is going to be loud noise should be avoided until a couple of dates after. It’s good to really engage in conversation to see if you connect with this person. If all you do is listen to loud noise, well you didn’t really go on a date rather you just went somewhere with the person. You need to get to know each other, a cozy restaurant, the beach, carnival, (to show off your awesome rifle skills and win her a big teddy) are easier because while you are talking you are also doing something, if there is a moment of silence you can fill it with your mouth being full of food. 😉

The man always needs to pick up the tab~Even if she sincerely insists that she pays her half, don’t let her. She is testing you, to see if you are going to take control of the situation and pay the bill. This whole date is both of you testing each other to see if there is going to be a future. And dudes, she is already testing to see if she is going to take your last name or not.

The day after, the guy needs to get in touch~Man up, grow some chest hair, or grow a pair and call her. Even if you don’t think there is going to be another date you need to tell her. She is going to go crazy waiting for you to call her, do her a favor and let her know that you had an awesome night or that you had an awesome night but there probably won’t be another one. She will be hurt but she will appreciate your honesty later on when she gets over it.

Light conversation~Like I was explaining in the intro, you don’t know what this person is going through so it’s best not to ask too deep of questions just yet. You are only testing the waters and seeing if one there is a physical attraction and two if you like talking to the person. Save the how many kids do you want? type of questions until much later on.

Casual clothing~Of course you are going to want to look your best, but don’t over do it. Girls if you overdress you could come off as very intimidating and he will have a hard time talking to you. Guys, if you overdress now she is going to expect you to dress like that all the time. 

No kisses yet~A hug should be enough to end the night, there was already so much pressure as it was going on the first date. Plus it’s a lot more fun when there is built up anticipation for something as magical as a first kiss to experience. Wait for the perfect moment, it will make such a good story.

Conversation starters~Bring a cue card with some ideas, it might sound nerdy but it’s better to be nerdy than to be staring at each other with blank faces not being able to think of anything to talk about. Here are some suggestions:

  • How was your day?
  • Have you ever texted “LOL” and not laughed?
  • Dog person or cat person?
  • Do you talk during movies?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Do you put empty milk cartons in the fridge?
  • When is the last time you have been on a date?

Deal breakers~These are red flags that you should be looking out for during the whole entire date:

  • How they treat other people
  • If they bring up past relationships
  • If they talk harshly about someone
  • How they are dressed, does it look like they tried?
  • How much they talk about themselves
  • Body language, wandering eyes; are they leaning in to really understand you? Or bored with what you have to say.

Tell me about a first date that went terribly wrong or wonderfully right, I would love to read!

Thank you for reading! 🙂


Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s that time of year again when men’s wallets get lighter, women try to guess what they are going to receive and single people…well, you got St. Patrick’s Day to look forward to. Totally kidding, even if you are single there are tons of ways to spend this day joyfully then filled with grief of remembrance that you do not have a significant other, YET. It’s better to spend Valentine’s day single than how they did in the origins of this holiday in ancient Rome, where men would draw a name of a woman out of a lottery and then would keep this women as a sex companion for the rest of the year. Maybe that doesn’t sound too bad to some of you. But either if you are single or with someone, I have some great ideas for both!

If you are awaiting a mate (Single):

  1. Go out to your local bar- Enjoy the freedom of this while you can
  2. Karaoke with your other single friends
  3. Throw a single party
  4. Treat yourself to whatever you wish-Remember guys that once you have a woman there will be more days of treating her than of treating yourself, so indulge now while you can
  5. Buy yourself flowers, chocolates or whatever, you are independent, do what you want! Don’t feel embarrassed to send yourself chocolate strawberries, send them to congratulate yourself for not being in a bad relationship.
  6. Use this day to self-reflect and ask yourself why you are single? Do you enjoy being single? What could you do to improve yourself and set goals for next Valentine’s Day.
  7. Cross something off of your bucket list!
  8. Go visit another country! Get lost in the streets of Rome or frolic the gorgeous parks in Ireland. Enjoy this time you have alone because once you settle down with a family you probably will regret not taking advantage of this sweet time in your life.
  9. The most fulfilling would be to volunteer somewhere that you can help someone in need. There is no feeling better than to extend help to another, and that feeling is much needed when you are feeling lonely.

*Just whatever you do, do not spend it alone, your mind tends to wander more when it is not occupied on something, to make you feel even better go visit your parents, especially your mom, she always has a way of making you feel better and telling you how special you are.


If you have a significant other:

For the adventurous couple:

  1. Skydiving
  2. Rock climbing
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Go see a rodeo
  5. Explore a cave
  6. Swim underneath a waterfall-Doesn’t get much sexier than that
  7. Kayaking at sunset and then a picnic on the beach
  8. Really I do not need to give this couple tips because I am envious of their lives.

For the romantic couple:

  1. Dinner over looking the beach at night
  2. Take a bubble bath together lit by candle light
  3. Day at the spa
  4. Learn how to salsa dance together
  5. Romantic scavenger hunt
  6. Skinny dip in your pool-If you have one, or just use the neighbors’
  7. Wine tasting
  8. Go the Drive-In

    For the couple that cannot find a babysitter…:

  1. Make all sorts of crafts
  2. Go fishing, paddle boating, or any activity on the lake
  3. Take crazy photos all heart themed
  4. Scavenger hunt leading to watching a family movie
  5. Hide little hearts all over the house
  6. Tell the story of where Valentine’s Day originated from…well maybe when they are a little older
  7. Make cards together for those friends who have lost their significant other, recently divorced or just has a hard time on this day
  8. Teach them the importance of love, and show them that importance by how you treat your spouse

For the “This is my first Valentine’s Day with this person, HOLY CRAP WHAT DO I DO?!? couple:

  1. Make it light and fun by doing something that will keep you both distracted so there are no expectations, just a day of fun
  2. Go on a two person bicycle bike ride
  3. Fly kites
  4. Ice skating
  5. Go see a sports game, musical or a stand up comedian
  6. Murder mystery dinner
  7. Balloon ride

If you are not sure about the person don’t lead them on with an extremely expensive dinner or expensive anything. Keep it simple, sweet and busy.

For the budget couple:

  1. Movie night at home
  2. Picnic at the top of a mountain that you climbed
  3. Visit the art museum
  4. Walk through a garden
  5. Make dinner together
  6. Pick flowers from your own garden-If you have one
  7. Volunteer together somewhere

Gift Ideas:

  1. Clean their car inside and outside
  2. Bake a dessert just for them
  3. Anything personalized
  4. Scrapbook photos together
  5. Make a slideshow of photos together
  6. Write them a hand written letter
  7. Make them a craft
  8. And obviously yourself wrapped up in a bow

Thank you for reading! Criticism, praise, suggestion, thoughts, questions, please leave them with me 🙂